Organize Projects And Be Accountable

For many small business owners, keeping track of their projects can be difficult. offers solutions through a Web-based project management software that can keep your tasks in line.

VeoProject gives you a project wizard (similar to the Microsoft version) to help you set up your projects. It also allows you to sort and customize your project to your needs. Multiple users can log on to update, or you can use email to communicate on the project’s timeline. It also breaks down projects into categories such as the plan, shared files, emails, and whatever else you need. You can also run reports on different features such as who owes you a status update, which tasks are almost up on their deadline, or other requests. The pricing will vary by how large your project needs are. For example, if you only need 10 project documents and 20MB web space, the service is free of charge. However, as your documents increase and greater space is required, the price ranges from $20-$195.

What this Website sells to its users is the accountability piece. While many team leaders can stay organized, the accountability or status updates sometimes get lost in the mix. This program offers leaders a way to keep organized and keep on track.

A free account only takes a minute to set up and you have nothing lose by giving it a try. Click here for the full tour.