Oreo Is Introducing A Thinner Cookie For Adults

Adults want to dunk too.

oreo thinOreo is bringing Oreo Thins to American cookie aisles, a version of the iconic chocolate sandwich cookie that is more “sophisticated” and not meant to be twisted or dunked in milk.

Serious question: Why would anyone eat an Oreo if they aren’t twisting or dunking it?

“If people want to do that, it’s clearly up to them,” Janda Lukin, senior director of Oreo for North America told the AP. But, according to Lukin, these cookies are more “adult” because they’re the equivalent of a crepe, whereas regular Oreos are like pancakes.

Serious question: What’s childish about pancakes? Because I’ve seen them on most every brunch menu. And brunch = adult, no?

The one thing they’re not talking up are the reduced calories in the smaller cookie because, the AP says, they’re not meant to be a diet snack. The cookie has already been a success in China, so they’re hoping for the same level of success Stateside.

It’s not that thinner Oreos are a bad idea. Not everyone loves all that cream in the middle. But, it just seems as though they’re unsure of how to market the cookie here. They’ve made a lot of money on it overseas so probably thought they’d give it a go here. But you don’t need to convince adults to have cookies by calling them “sophisticated” or “adult.”

In this case, noting that a byproduct of the thinner cookie is the reduced calorie count might not be a bad idea. But more than that, maybe targeting the people who like the cookie more than the cream is a good idea. If it’s thin and crisp, it sounds ripe for dunking in some milk. Or in almond milk, if you want to be all fancy about it.