Oprah’s Last Show Ever: How Twitter is Toasting this End of an Era

May 25 is a landmark day for millions and millions of people. It is the date of Oprah Winfrey’s last television show. After a quarter-century of riveting interviews and discussions that have kept daytime television watchers enthralled, the end of an era has arrived. Naturally, Twitter is abuzz with tributes to Oprah — nevermind that she’s hardly disappearing, due to the emergence of the Oprah Winfrey Network — that will help you celebrate her show and also maybe cope with the loss.

The major news networks have jumped on the goodbye-Oprah bandwagon, tweeting links to articles like CNN’s “10 People We Woudn’t Know Without Oprah Winfrey,” which is now a top tweet.

@Oprah herself, of course, has also been tweeting about her last series of shows often in the past few days. Twitter strikes again with its ability to deliver us news straight from the people involved. She recently gave her followers a two-for-one deal tweet, with an update on her lifestyle and her last show:

The impending finale has also inspired some pretty crazy news stories, and Twitter is making sure we’re not missing out on any of the juicy (or just depressing) gossip:

Some people have been marking the end of the show by tweeting pieces of wisdom passed down from Oprah over the years. A quick results list from an #Oprah search turns up tweets of support like “#OPRAH FOR PRESIDENT” and tweets that take a humorous look at the situation. For example, one tweet played off of last weekend’s supposed end-of-the-world rapture extravaganza:

Oprah already demonstrated her own “Oprah Twitter effect” two years ago when we realized that everything she tweeted turned to gold — the first day she tweeted during her show, the number of visits to Twitter.com in the U.S. increased by 24%. Will you tweet about the end of the show?