Open Access is Good. Good Apps are Findable!

In response to Nick’s article on crappy apps, I have to say that while I agree that their are a ton of crappy apps, I don’t think it’s a problem. Personally my entire interest in this whole phenomenon comes from my long-standing belief in the productive power of openness — open source, open access, open communication, open flexibility, etc.

I think it’s amazing that it’s so easy that it’s so easy to get into this market. It means that anybody with a good idea can get involved. It’s like blogs. Some suck, but that’s okay, because the tools for the best blogs to rise to the top are in place via digg, stumbleupon and the like. The mistake on Facebook’s part in the ease at which the first apps, which were huge, can instantly popularize their new, even crappier apps.

One great way for the good apps to rise to the top is one that anybody reading this knows well, and thats by reading a quality blog that will find and review good apps.

mixx maker application on facebook to share and stream musicIn that spirit, I found a very cool app called Mix Maker. The application allows you to share copyrighted music with your friends. The trick is, you can stream a mix you make, and friends can add to it. Nobody can download the music, so that should take care of the legal issues, but they can stream and listen on facebook.

– Jonathan Kleiman runs the law blog