OnTrack Helps You Set and Keep Goals

I often get in conversations with others about success and how to obtain it. For each of us success is different but I can always recommend a few key books that helped make me who I am today. I typically reference “Think and Grow Rich,” as well as “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “Never Eat Alone.” Those three books create the Nick O’Neill book trifecta. There’s one other book I’ve recently added to my lineup and that’s “The Secret.”

While the video may initially come off as cheesy, there are a lot of valuable lessons. One of the key components of that book is the concept of “vision boards” that you use to place an image of your goal so you know what you are working toward. Another component is your personal list of goals that you constantly need to review. The closest thing I’ve seen to mimicking the tools necessary for success on Facebook is the On Track application.

The On Track application provides you with a way to list goals, create vision boards and manage projects. It’s a great tool and I highly recommend checking it out if you want somewhere to keep track of your goals. I think this is a great iteration and what would be a nice addition is some sort of internal community where members can ask each other about tricks for overcoming challenges and how to maintain goals.

Right now the application appears to be less focused on being social but I definitely see an opportunity for this to succeed. By leveraging a little more community and building out their features a little more, this could be an amazing application for those that are …. well, trying to stay on track! If you are one of those people that have high goals and want a place to manage them, check out the On Track application.

OnTrack Screenshot