How To Create An Interactive Online Resume With DoYouBuzz [Interview]

DoYouBuzz is revolutionizing the way we network and spread our own personal buzz by giving users the opportunity to create their own free interactive resumes online. At, users can easily create their own online resumes, incorporating not only their job experience but also videos, social networking links, audio, photos, presentations, and more. I had the opportunity to ask Evyenia Wilkins, the COO of DoYouBuzz, a few questions about the platform. Find out what she had to say, and learn how to build your own online resume after the jump!

Evyenia told me that DoYouBuzz was launched in 2008 by CEO Ludovic Simon in Nantes, France. She told me a little bit about his inspiration. “Ludo was gearing up to look for a more exciting job so he created a website to showcase his experience. From there, he got a lot of folks asking him to build them a site too. So he went to work creating DoYouBuzz!”

DoYouBuzz offers a free service, as well as a paid Premium account. The DoYouBuzz Premium account includes a personalized URL, rather than a DoYouBuzz domain name, Premium design templates and an unlimited Portfolio and unlimited resumes. However, for most networkers the free account is perfect for creating a great resume online. Watch the video below to see how simple it is to create an online resume using DoYouBuzz, and then check out my interview with Evyenia.

Social Times: Do you think that companies prefer receiving links to online resumes from job applicants, as opposed to the traditional paper resume, or a Word or PDF attachment?

Evyenia Wilkins: Companies are looking for and checking out candidates online. With a link, an employer can easily share a potential employee with others on their teams. They also get more information and insight into the person’s capacities and qualities. That said, the Interent has yet to remove paper from our lives! Which is why DoYouBuzz can automatically generate a PDF of your resume to be downloaded by an interested employer. In the long run, we’d like to make it possible to apply for a job without a Word/PDF resume.

We are already seeing social recruiting gaining momentum. Employers are investing more time and money in their recruiting efforts on social networks. They use these platforms to promote themselves, share their jobs, research candidates and source professionals.

ST: Are there any perks to having an online DoYouBuzz resume, as opposed to a traditional resume?

EW: From a technical perspective, the information contained in a DoYouBuzz resume is highly structured using HR-XML. So instead of sending a word-processed resume or filling out an online form, professionals will be able to apply to a job/company simply by synchronizing with their system.

What I mean by synchronization is that today we upload a word/pdf resume to an employer’s site or a resume bank. Within a month, the resume is considered expired. If the candidate does not return to update their information, an employer doesn’t know if they are still available or what they are up to now. Using HR-XML, we can simply submit our HR-XML resume (it’s just a URL) and the employer will always have the most up-to-date version of our resume. When changes are made, those changes will be reflected everywhere the resume is located. Another perk is that if you no longer want to give someone access to your resume, you can simply cut the connection. It’s sort of like an RSS feed but for resumes.

This is what we are working on. Right now, professionals don’t have the option of submitting an HR-XML resume. But hopefully this will change soon!

Using HR-XML in this way will make a huge difference to employers because it means more meaningful talent pools. They will have up-to-date, real-time resumes for the professionals that have applied to them.

Another benefit to using HR-XML or structured online resumes is that they allow for more meaningful search and matching. A DoYouBuzz resume contains on average twice as much information compared to a paper one. This increases the efficiency of resume search engines and opens the door to exciting opportunities in matching technology.

ST: How many resumes have been created so far with DoYouBuzz?

EW: We have 60,000 users (resumes) on DoYouBuzz.

ST: Is the DoYouBuzz resume right for everyone? What about people who don’t have videos or photos to share in a portfolio?

EW: Often I come across professionals in “non-creative” fields that don’t think they have anything to show in a portfolio. But the sky is really the limit. I’ve seen embedded writing samples, presentations, photos of events organized, slideshows of client names and descriptions of projects.

Evyenia shared a few of her favorite DoYouBuzz resumes with me, both in terms of design and content. Click on the thumbnails below to view them and check out the fun Brady Bunch-style DoYouBuzz promo on VidSF below.