Online Merchants, You Should Sell eReaders. Or Should You

This is an unusual piece, but worth a mention. It’s a little blog post from Drop Ship Access, a company that gives online merchants–such as people who sell things through eBay or operate online boutique stores–access to products they can have drop-shipped from wholesalers to customers. The post recommends to the company’s clients that they get into the eReader business.

After offering up all the sales figures from this holiday season, well know to readers of this blog, the post opines, “Getting in on the ground floor of this record breaking growth in sales of e-readers and e-books is a rich opportunity for the savvy entrepreneur!”

Now, the kinds of devices a company like this is likely to offer access to are essentially off-brand devices–not Kindles or Sony Readers or Nooks, but brands you’ve never heard of. But it’s useful to keep in mind that if a company like this is recommending to its clients that they get into eReaders, others are doing the same thing, meaning there are going to be even more eReaders out there than we know–despite the fact that Amazon won’t say how many it’s sold.