OneMinuteNews Targets Generation Y with Bite-Sized Videos, Interaction

Got a minute for the news? OneMinuteNews, which, as the name suggests, offers one-minute news bites on-demand to Web and mobile users, will make its debut Tuesday.
OneMinuteNews content will consist of trending and breaking news, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, personal finance, and technology. The site was developed by veteran media executive Douglas J. Greenlaw, who has held senior posts with MTV Networks and Viacom, and it employs eight full-time correspondents, two part-time correspondents, and writers and bloggers on the community level, from established media outlets including CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, MTV, and Current TV.
Content from the correspondents and bloggers will be supplemented with fare from all of the major wire services, but the goal of OneMinuteNews is to become a legitimate news source, and not just an aggregator, hoping to do so by trying to find unique angles to appeal to generation Y, as well as making sure its videos offer the concepts behind the facts.
The site was created with a mobile focus, hence, the simple layout. The goal was to create a mobile space that rivaled the desktop space, along with a seamless desktop-to-mobile experience. There will be no apps at launch, but they will follow soon after, with the iPad one especially targeted to be unique.
OneMinuteNews aims to create a true dialogue among its users, and co-founder and correspondent Mackinley Greenlaw pointed out that users must join the site (free-of-charge) in order to comment, and those comments can be simultaneously shared via Twitter, along with links to the videos. There will also be integration with Facebook and YouTube.

Greenlaw added that OneMinuteNews is about “paring down and simplifying the news experience. The average news site is inundated with a glut of information. We want to bring the simple human experience to gen Y, which is hardened and wary of the mass-media experience. Gen Y has become accustomed to the old-school, traditional method of media — formal, with a person barking facts at you, not much of a connection. OneMinuteNews seeks a relatable, human, relaxed, emotional element to the news.”
Correspondent Vanessa Rae chimed in on how OneMinuteNews is attempting to differentiate itself from content-aggregation sites, mentioning “polling — involving the community, allowing them to choose which stories are interesting to them. Our target is a savvy, young professional, gen Y audience — people on the move, who want information quickly. If they do want more info, they can get it.”
Greenlaw said:

Generation Y is one that has been grossly underserved by today’s media industry, and it is incredibly important that they be well informed in a way that works with their busy and mobile lifestyle. was designed by and for 21- to 35-year-old, educated professionals who want quick, accurate, up-to-date, non-biased, and concise reporting from a trusted source.

Correspondent Yasmin Vossoughian added:

As a backpack journalist, I want to bring people into the story rather than just tell them the story. I want my generation to understand why the news is important and why it matters to us. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.