One Small Step for Man…eBooks in Space!

NASA has gotten into the eBook business, the free eBook business. According to NASA’s Website, “Many of the biggest achievements in aeronautics research are chronicled in books rich with detail, personal stories, surprising twists of fate and revolutionary discoveries that have influenced the experience of flight for millions of people.”

Sounds exciting. If you’re wondering how exciting titles like ‘X-15: Extending the Frontiers of Flight’ by Dennis R. Jenkins, click over to NASA and download it. Coming soon: ‘Apollo of Aeronautics: NASA’s Aircraft Energy Efficiency Program, 1973-1987’ by Mark D. Bowles, which is sure to top the Kindle bestseller list.

Amazon is making these books available for Kindle, Sony, and, soon, Nook, dowloadable directly from the NASA site. The books are also available as hard copies, though not for free.