How To Celebrate One Million Followers: Give Them A Private Movie Screening

Social media marketers, listen up: Milla Jovovich has a lesson for you.

The star of the upcoming Resident Evil: Retribution is offering a huge prize to celebrate her one millionth follower.

She announced in a series of tweets on Thursday that she had spoken to Sony Pictures and arranged a private screening of next month’s Resident Evil: Retribution for one of her fans and his or her friends in their hometown once she hits the one million follower mark.

Here are the (grammatically frustrating) tweets announcing the contest:

Jovovich (@MillaJovovich) is currently sitting at just under 999,000 followers, so if you want a chance to win this prize yourself, you’d better follow her fast! Entrants must also enter their contact information at Jovovich’s website.

Jovovich isn’t the first celebrity to give away a big prize to celebrate reaching one million followers. William Shatner had dinner with his millionth follower earlier this year.

According to TwitterCounter, there are just over 1,000 Twitter accounts with over one million followers. And considering that there are over 500 million total accounts, it’s a pretty small club – definitely something worth celebrating.

Still, you don’t have to be a Twitter millionaire to reward new followers. Marketers and savvy businesses can celebrate smaller milestones like the 1000th follower, 5000th, 10000th and so on by offering discounts, retweets, coupons and other, smaller prizes.

(Movie theater image via Shutterstock)

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