Once Again, ‘PR Exec’ on the Most Stressful List

CareerCast has released its list of best, worst, most stressful, and least stressful jobs for 2012. And coming in at number seven on the most stressful list is PR executive. Yikes.

Last year, PR officer came in at number two on this list. And in 2010, that job was number eight. This year’s determination was made for much the same reason as 2011: it’s a “highly competitive” field that requires public speaking, interaction with “potentially hostile members of the media,” and follows tight deadlines. Average pay is listed as $91,810.

In at number six is event coordinator because of the special “once-in-a-lifetime, ” high visibility nature of the events these pros are called upon to coordinate. Average pay is $45,260.

Among the worst jobs are broadcaster and newspaper reporter, which might explain the “hostile media” that PR execs have to interact with. This was the first time two media jobs made the list, due to the onslaught of digital media, high stress, and loss of opportunities in these fields.

For that same digital reason (along with high pay, demand, and good working conditions), software engineer tops the list of best jobs.

Last year, we gathered the top five reasons PR is so darn stressful. Anything you would add or take away from that list? The comments section is open.

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