Omniture Adds Mobile Metrics to SiteCatalyst

Omniture just announced a significant release of the company’s Web analytics platform, SiteCatalyst. The new version, for the first time, includes mobile measurement tools so that marketers can get a broader view of site traffic. The new release will also give users mobile reporting abilities.

In a statement, the company said that demand for these kinds of metrics is already significant, and are expected to grow with the release of the new Apple iPhone 3G and other Web-capable cell phones. And, as we’ve reported on dozens of occasions, many outlets are creating mobile-specific Web sites for magazines, newspapers, television studios, and more.

So the latest version of Omniture SiteCatalyst, in theory, will allow content providers to find out the kinds of phones, makes and models that are accessing their sites—and can then tailor specific content to those users. So this, along with mobile Web design tools like Adobe Device Central, mean that the process of creating and releasing content for the mobile Web is becoming more of a piece from start to finish.