Omgili Helps You Find Out What People Are Saying

If Twing lets you find opinions and product views posted on online forums, vertical search engine Omgili extends the service further by letting you find out what people are saying about anything and everything. Omgili describe itself as many thing, but for simplicity and for the purpose of this write-up, let’s call it a vertical search engine.

As a vertical search engine, Omgili scours and crawls through millions of online discussions worldwide, that includes message boards, forums and other discussion based online community and resources. While searching through these online properties, Omgili analyzes and differentiates between topic, title, replies and discussion date.

Comparing Omgili with traditional search engines which crawls through sites and pages, Omgili searches through consumer opinions, debates, discussions, personal experiences, answers and solutions to find the best answer to questions you may have in mind. Take note, that compared to search engines, Omgili’s results are “subjective information” coming from common people like you, which in most cases are actually better answers than traditional sites and web pages.

In addition to these services, Omgili also offers specialized search result products and service that includes:

  • Omgili Buzz – Gives a daily overview of the most popular discussion topics
  • Omgili Graphs – Create chatter graphs about the topics of your choice
  • Omgili Search Aid – Search in real user queries and get ideas about how to refine your search terms.
  • Google@Omgili – Get the best of two worlds – Objective Search (Google) combined with Subjective Search (Omgili).
  • Omgili Israel – Search for discussions in the biggest online communities in Israel (Walla, Ynet, Tapuz, Nana10, Nrg, TheMarker, Hydepark and more…)
  • Omgili Data Feed – The Source for Online Discussions.

One of the things that I really liked about Omgili is its site design. It’s definitely not you usual search engine. Check it out to find out why it is not your usual search portal.