Official iPad Facebook App Appears To Be In The Works

Conspicuous by its absence has been an official Facebook app for the iPad. It was not long after the iPad first became available that when asked about an iPad app Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that the iPad was not mobile. Apparently, Facebook can no longer deny the iPad’s popularity as news has leaked of an iPad Facebook app in development.

TechCrunch originally shared the news that hidden within the code of the iPhone Facebook app is code specifically for the iPad. TechCrunch has posted a ton of screenshots of the app in “iPad mode,” and ThisIsMyNext has posted a video of the app running on their jailbroken iPad 2.

In order to get the iPad version of the Facebook app to run you need to make changes to configuration files. Even if you have the technical knowledge of how to make the changes, you may want to hold off trying to make it work as Slashgear is reporting that Facebook has now blocked access to their service from this version of the Facebook app.

The screenshots and videos show a very appealing app, although obviously the iPad version is built upon the iPhone version and therefore has many similarities. By taking advantage of a larger touchscreen, the iPad version has several navigational improvements. For example, you will be able to swipe left and right to drill down in to information.

Unlike the way they released apps for other platforms, it appears Facebook is working hard to make the iPad app feature complete. The information on TechCrunch shows that all of the major features of Facebook, like Chat, Places, and Messages, are all available.

The fact that Facebook has taken steps to block access from the app, thereby rendering it non-functional, adds some credibility to the information published today. Facebook has not made any official comments about the app and therefore we have no idea when it will be available.