oDesk using Facebook Connect to Match Freelancers with Jobs

Members of the online marketplace oDesk now have another means of connecting to potential job contracts with the addition of Facebook Connect to the oDesk web site. One of the largest online marketplaces for freelancers and small businesses, oDesk matches writers, developers, graphic artists, marketing professionals and more from all over the world with buyers looking for their services.

Rolling Facebook connectivity into the already comprehensive matching methods makes it easier for potential buyers to find professionals in their Facebook network. For those providing service, it’s a way to post skills and work examples, as well as build their network of employers and other freelancers whose work can complement their own.

“The ability to leverage social media to uncover new opportunities is key to success in this difficult economy,” said Gary Swart, oDesk CEO. “oDesk has always been committed to enabling successful online work relationships, and now — through the use of Facebook Connect — oDesk users can rely on their existing Facebook friends and colleagues to connect them with timely, relevant opportunities and potential job candidates.”

Companies are looking more and more towards this type of service to fill their needs, as it is a cheaper alternative to employing full-time creative teams. Many of these companies are looking to social media sites, like Facebook and LinkedIn, to find talent. The Facebook Connect integration will be a way for freelancers to tap into an established network of potential employers, and vice versa.

Utilizing Facebook also allows for a more familiar interaction — buyers and providers can finding each other through a network that is more social than commercial can lead to stronger working relationships, as there is already an certain level of communication and familiarity between the two. If each party is comfortable in the work relationship and has more communication, jobs can be handled with more efficiency, and will usually have a higher caliber end product.

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