#OccupyWallSt, #OWS or #Occupy? Over 100K Different Hashtags Used In Occupy Protests

Twitter has announced that the Occupy Wall Street protesters have created over 100,000 different hashtags related to the cause.

Taking to Twitter in a four-part tweet, @TwitterComms announced some interesting Occupy Wall Street stats on Friday.

Among them is the fact that protesters have created more than 100,000 different hashtags about the movement, many of which contain the name of the separate cities that have joined New York as a site for the occupiers.

The most popular Occupy-related hashtags include:

  • #occupywallstreet
  • #ows
  • #occupywallst
  • #occupy
  • #occupyboston
  • #takewallstreet
  • #p2
  • #nypd

Twitter has been criticized in the past of censoring popular hashtags and keywords from reaching the Trending Topic list, a criticism that was especially loud during WikiLeaks’ latest round in the spotlight.

However, the fragmentation of hashtags might explain away the cries of “censorship”, which Twitter has denied from the beginning. Hashtags make it onto the Trending Topic list if they see a surge in use in a short period of time, and they are given precedence if they are a new hashtag. So, the Occupy-related hashtags might be too diluted by their own variety for any single one to make it to the Trending Topics.

Twitter is likely not censoring Occupy-related hashtags, but there is a different problem here: when movements like this one fragment, how can Twitter effectively represent them? If there is no central hashtag, users who log in to Twitter to find the latest Occupy news might be discouraged by a few quick searches, finding only a handful of tweets here and there.

Also, if no Occupy-related hashtags can make it to the Trending Topic list because of fragmentation, but together these hashtags account for enough momentum to earn a spot, how can Twitter stay relevant? These are problems that the network is going to have to face moving forward if it wants to remain the go-to place for breaking news around the world.

Twitter also announced some other interesting Occupy stats. The protesters use up to 330,000 total hashtags related to the protests each day, with up to 17,000 different hashtags per day.

And the top cities tweeting about Occupy Wall Street? NYC, LA, DC, SF, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Portland.

Outside of the US, the top cities are: London, Cairo, Toronto, Madrid, Sydney, Vancouver, Berlin, Mexico City and Dublin.

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