Obama’s Splashdown in New Jersey

(PRNewser at Barack Obama ralley in Jersey City, N.J.)

Barack Obama drew thousands today in Jersey City, N.J. in his first appearance since narrowly losing the New Hampshire primary to Hillary Clinton. The city is a Democrat stronghold located only minutes from Manhattan.

I felt compelled to attend since this is the first time New Jersey will play an important role in choosing the candidates with its primary moved up to Super Tuesday. It was a great PR move to give the state, and the media a taste of what’s its like to be an Iowan and the attendance and excitement reflected it.

Obama secured key early endorsements from Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy and rockstar Newark Mayor and subject of “Streetfight” Cory Booker, as well as an endorsement from popular former Senator Bill Bradley just this week. Clinton offsets them with the muscle of Governor Corzine’s blessing.


(Mayor Healy enjoying reflected media glory after the rally)

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The media aspect is interesting because although New Jersey has its own press corps (including the top-20 circ Star-Ledger) its obviously part of the New York market. View the end of the video to see the press pit with roughly 25 TV crews and countless print reporters. This is the first time they’re covering a still-open contest on their own soil.


(All networks present including Telemundo, Univision, and CBS3 Philadelphia)

All of the people I informally polled while waiting to get in heard about the rally from the radio, or from someone who heard it on the radio, not from Facebook or Hardball. A mastery of the media mix here has the potential to deliver youth and minority turnout, and upset the candidate from the state next door.