Obama Speechwriter Makes Careless Facebook Mistake

Jon Favreau, Barack Obama’s speechwriter, was tagged in a photo of himself groping a cutout of Hillary Clinton on Facebook. The Washington Post was first to report the news Thursday about the future White House speechwriter. When asked for comment on the story, Clinton’s senior advisor said jokingly, “Senator Clinton is pleased to learn of Jon’s obvious interest in the State Department, and is currently reviewing his application.”

We’ve highlighted numerous times on this site, the result of poor Facebook privacy management. Fortunately for Favreau, there is little chance of any negative repercussions aside from the negative press about the incident. Every week we here of multiple people fired because they posted photos of themselves partying or told their bosses that they were out sick when they were actually hung over from a night of partying.

The Facebook generation is clearly already part of domestic politics and the Favreau incident highlights that. Future politicians of the world will need to be extremely careful about the images and videos that they post on Facebook and elsewhere on the web. While the youth may not understand the future implications of poor decisions being posted online, parents will have to emphasize the importance of protecting their online identities.