Official Obama Twitter Account Embraces Black Friday, Tweets About Campaign T-Shirts And 10%-Off Coupons

It appears the feverish need to sell, sell, sell on Black Friday has reached even the President of the United States: Barack Obama’s official Twitter account took to hawking official election 2012 wares on the biggest shopping day of the year.

This past Friday, crowds flocked to big box stores around the US and around the world, often waiting in line for hours before opening, to score some great deals on big ticket items. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in the US, and even the President acknowledges the power of consumerism.

Obama’s official Twitter account, @BarackObama, tweeted the following this past Friday:

Of course, part of the way that candidates raise money, even the President running for re-election, is by selling campaign goods to their supporters. There are the usual bumper stickers and t-shirts at the Obama store, but they also have a Joe Biden beer can holder, a baby onesie, and a Bo button for diehards.

By advertising a sale on Black Friday, the campaign not only shows that it is on the pulse of what the nation wants (deals, deals, deals), but also no doubt raised some money for Obama’s re-election.

But that’s not where the Obama Twitter account stopped. The Saturday following Black Friday, the account tweeted about Obama-flavor red and green Christmas ornaments, and Sunday night tweeted about the “Kids for Obama” t-shirts in the online store. And I’ll bet we’ll see something for Cyber Monday from the President’s account later today.

Do you think this is a tacky use of the President’s Twitter account? Or is harnessing Black Friday a smart way for the campaign to raise some money? Let us know in the comments below.

(Top image: via Dmitrijs Dmitrijevs Shutterstock)