In 12 Hours, Osama’s Ghost Amasses over 35,000 Twitter Followers

Since Twitter broke the news of Osama’s death late last night, I guess it makes some sort of sense that his “ghost” would find its haunting grounds on the network. In just 12 hours, Osama’s Ghost has grown from 0 to over 35,000 followers – and counting.

@GhostOsama is, as you would expect, tweeting some pretty politically incorrect stuff. He’s tweeting about his time in hell, makes reference to meeting Hitler (who is apparently “pretty chill”), and is celebrating his “72 virgins”.

Here are a couple of his more innocuous tweets.

“Playing” he was not, but Osama was certainly spectacular at hiding.

Like us, it looks like Osama’s ghost is concerned about Fox News’ apparent typo, replacing “Osama” with “Obama”.

As far as I can tell, #RIPOSAMA isn’t a trending topic… yet. With the huge number of followers this account has amassed in such a short time, you never can tell.

And here’s an interesting tidbit: Osama’s ghost is apparently an Apple fan, tweeting from both Twitter for Mac and for iPhone. Let the jokes about Apple products begin.

The account isn’t following anyone, but has so far sent 14 tweets since news of Osama’s death broke.

So what do you think? Is this a funny Twitter parody account? Or does it go over the line in making fun of a serious situation?