NYT’s David Pogue Weighs in on Amazon Kindle

amazonkindle.jpgThe entire eBook non-craze is an attempt to essentially improve on paper books. So far it’s been a near-total failure, even with fancy ink-like screen technologies. Recent efforts like the latest Sony eBook reader have been more impressive. Now, David Pogue, technology reviewer for The New York Times, weighed in on the Amazon Kindle, which was launched last week. He reports that while the $399 Kindle isn’t a home run, it’s at least an exciting triple:

“It gets the important things right: the reading experience, the ruggedness, the super-simple software setup. And that wireless instant download – wow,” Pogue said. “Even though most people will prefer the feel, the cost and the simplicity of a paper book, the Kindle is by far the most successful stab yet at taking reading material into the digital age.”

“No, it’s not the last word in book reading. But once its price comes down and its design gets sleeker, the Kindle may be the beginning of a great new chapter,” he wrote.

An E-Book Reader That Just May Catch On [NYT]