NYC Subway is Finally Getting 90 New Interactive, Touchscreen Maps

Wayfinding is a difficult and evolving design field that’s still being perfected. One of those solutions often involves posting printed maps that quickly get outdated. Obviously, with people walking around with cell phones, this might not be necessary, but digital, interactive maps are ideal for transit travelers. The best part is, users don’t have to have wireless signals or risk the theft of their devices just to locate the next train for the right destination. We think it also looks great.

Created and funded by Control Group, the kiosks are not actually paid for by the city – the agency is hoping that advertising will make up for the cost of the bill. Initial kiosks were installed last year, but design changes delayed these final installments.

The New York City MTA has partnered with Control Group to create new digital touch-points that will deliver a better experience for daily commuters and visitors, as well as help the MTA develop innovative ad revenue models. The new On The Go interactive HD displays provide real-time information, including simple visual station directions with transfers and line alerts, countdown to train arrival, relevant service updates, and a digital content loop. Up to 90 new installations will be placed at top New York City subway stations that service more than 5 million riders each day.