Nook Kids Adds Children's Books To The iPad

Barnes and Noble has released the Nook Kids app for the iPad, which is designed specifically for reading children’s books. Included with the free app are two free books and the app includes a link to the children’s section of Nook eBookstore that displays in Safari.

Nook Kids beautifully displays children’s books on the iPad’s display. You can use the pinch and expand gestures to zoom the display and enlarge the text. Perhaps the best feature is that Nook Kids provides the options of letting a child read a book on their own, or have the book read to them.

Not all of children’s eBooks that Barnes and Noble sells has audio. Books that can be read have a “read to me” indicator in the bookstore, and these versions of the books cost about twice as much as the books that do not have audio. The audio is a recording of someone reading the book, just like audio books.

Both of the free books that are bundled with Nook Kids include audio, so you can get a feel for how the audio books work. The audio plays once a page is opened and stops at the last word on the page, then your child will need to swipe on the screen, or tap on the left or right side of the screen, to turn the page. After the page is turned the audio continues.

Nook Kids is a wonderful way to use an iPad to entertain a child. You will find this free app in the iTunes App Store.