Nokia To Launch Mobile Music Service in Europe

For now, the Apple iPhone is only available in the US. That’s set to change later this year, when Apple is widely expected to launch it in Europe. They’ll have company, however; Nokia is aiming straight for Apple’s market with a new downloadable music store.

According to CNN Money, the new Nokia Web site will let consumers download songs to their PCs and transfer them to mobile phones and other portable music players, similar to Apple’s iTunes. “Nokia is expected to let users transfer songs to non-Nokia phones using digital-rights-management software,” according to the article.

It’s doubtful they’ll debut with anything near the five million songs that iTunes currently offers. It’s also significant that Nokia is doing this with a PC-based model, rather than an “over-the-air” model straight to your phone, the way Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T currently do here in the US without much success.

Can Nokia beat iPhone at its own tunes? [CNN Money]