Nokia to Capitalize on Moto Meltdown


It’s the old kick-’em’-while-they’re-down strategy: MocoNews writes that while Motorola is in full-blown panic mode, Nokia, its Finnish rival, sees a good opportunity at taking away market share in the U.S., where the American Motorola has been the traditional leader.

Nokia still has tremendous brand recognition here in the states, but it’s largely due to a legacy from ten years ago. While they’re number one in the world in handset sales, they’re only number four here in the U.S. with just 9.8 percent market share—that’s compared to 35.1 percent for top-ranked Motorola in this country.

“It was its refusal in the early 2000’s to customize products—including a much-needed clamshell model—that led to its slide to fourth,” the report said. “Now the handset maker is inviting carriers to its offices and allowing them to decide on changes all the way down to the colors of the phone and buttons that link to the carrier’s services.

“It’s also increasing its visibility with consumers, opening flashy retail outlets in swanky shopping areas; increasing its sponsorship of events that appeal to younger audiences; as well as taking out more ads promoting its phones.”