Nokia, DreamWorks announce GPS augmented reality game Dragons Adventure for Lumia 2520

Image via Nokia, DreamWorks

Nokia and DreamWorks Animation have today announced Dragons Adventure, a GPS, augmented reality game for the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet that combines GPS tracking and LiveSight augmented reality to create a gameplay environment that mirrors the world around the player.

Based on the DreamWorks film franchise How to Train Your Dragon, Dragons Adventure has been designed as a mobile gaming experience for children, transforming a drive to school (or elsewhere) into something “magical.” In the game, players become a Dragon Master, challenged with completing quests as they interact with dragons from the films.

The app uses Nokia’s HERE maps, GPS technology and LiveSight to analyze player locations, and then turns surrounding buildings into landmarks within the Isle of Berk.

Image via Nokia, DreamWorks

Real-life traffic and weather conditions are mirrored into the game, as players can hold up the tablet and move it around to find items in the air, including dragons. Parents can get involved as well, using voice commands and creating missions and challenges for their children to complete before handing the device over.

For more gameplay, players can care for their dragons and trade loot that they’ve collected for additional skills at the Dragon Academy.

While the app experience is best while in a moving vehicle, it can also be used while sitting still at home. Dragons Adventure is set to launch in Q4 2013, and will be accompanied by a Windows 8 phone companion app. Check back soon for more.

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