Noel Gallagher Has a Solo Album, Best Presser Ever

Noel Gallagher held a press conference Wednesday to announce his new solo album “Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds,” which will hit stores in the U.K. on October 17 and in the U.S. the following month. He’s also working on a project with a group called Amorphous Androgynous that will be out next year. But before we can get to all that, Noel is going to tell us about the time his brother almost cracked him in the face with a guitar.

Gallagher was the front man, along with his brother Liam, of the fantastic band Oasis. The two were notoriously volatile, and the band actually broke up in 2009 after a fight in Paris, which Noel comically recounts in the video above, dropping F-bombs like they’re hot. After the presser, Liam tweeted the word “Shitbag.”

[via New York’s Vulture blog]

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