The "Secret" New Media School Project

If you happen to read my other site,, then you possibly read my article from earlier today about our new “Holy Grail Of Facebook Privacy” Guide. As part of the benefits I listed out access to a new site that I’ve been working on for the past six months: New Media School. I privately launched the site a few months back to see how it would work and get some people talking in the forums. The test went pretty well but my launch strategy was not as effective and ultimately not well thought out.

I’ve gone through many revisions and still continue to but now that it’s public I can at least share what it is! The vision of New Media School is to “help individuals and businesses succeed in the digital economy”. Given my expertise with Facebook, I’ve started creating content for a program completely focused on the site but have many more programs planned.

For now I’m taking it one step at a time because after spending two years as a hare, I’ve begun to see the value in becoming a tortoise. I have a number of speaking engagements lined up over the next few months which include seminars about leveraging social technology for brands. What’s most important is having a library of content to integrate into those presentations, which is why I wanted to launch New Media School.

There’s a serious void in the market for educating companies and executives how to take advantage of these new technologies most effectively. I think the largest void is in education from true experts. While numerous companies offer education services, very few have taken the time to master the tools. Those that have mastered the tools are not willing to take the time to provide thorough education services. It’s the everlasting catch-22 of the world of education.

It’s not to suggest that great services don’t exist already … they do! The demand is too large though and with technology evolving quicker than educational programs, we need solutions. I’m hoping that New Media School will serve as one of those solutions and over the coming months we’ll roll out new programs that I hope you can be part of!

If you are interested in teaching your own course or want to partner in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.