Nival releases Prime World: Defenders on Facebook and Android


Strategy game specialist Nival has released Prime World: Defenders on two additional platforms: Facebook and Android. The game is already available on iOS, Mac, Windows and NVIDIA Shield, and offers cross-platform functionality for users to take their progress across platforms or devices.

Prime World: Defenders combines gameplay from the tower defense and collectible card genres, as players become treasure hunters in a story-driven campaign. The story revolves around stopping a mutant horde, with each level seeing players defending an altar on the path by building towers, casting spells and more to defeat enemies.

Players earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on the health of the altar at the end of the level. Users receive random cards at the end of each battle, challenging them to use an ever-changing strategy to complete future stages.

“Prime World: Defenders is an ambitious project that combines the best of Tower Defense and CCG, but is also a unique, beautiful and technological product that allows players to switch between devices and save all their game progress at the same time. Leading international companies who express confidence in our game are the best guarantee that Prime World: Defenders is going in the right direction,” said Ivan Fedyanin, Executive Director of Nival Mobile Publishing.

Prime World: Defenders is available to play for free on Facebook and Android devices, and costs $4.99 on iOS. You can follow the game going forward on AppData.

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