Nintendo’s E3 Press Kit

With the fun, flashy and seizure-inducing E3 video game trade show going on this week in L.A., we thought we’d take a look at the Nintendo online press kit. Agency of record Golin Harris has a release with the link to the kit (E32008, password: nintendo), as well as a link to Nintendo’s b-roll stash.

As those not living under rocks know, the Wii console is the beneficiary of some of the best mainstream press, blog coverage, and viral buzz the video game industry has seen in ages, including the now-classic video of the pantsless girl gyrating to her Wii Fit (5 millions views and counting).

The neatly organized kit–with a smidge of sex appeal–includes releases, bios, a PR contact form, and artwork for the over 100 games made by 30 third party makers.

Gamasutra and many others are covering E3 live today. You can tune in to Nintendo’s media briefing later today at 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Easter by clicking here.