Nielsen Company Extends @Plan to Mobile

The Nielsen Co. today launches a new service extending its 10-year-old @Plan online audience profiling system to the mobile realm, MediaPost reports:

“Mobile @Plan is aimed at helping marketers reach their target audiences on handheld devices by supplying lifestyle and demographic information for 200 top mobile Web sites.”

The article gave a few examples of how this works, such as how marketers can learn that 43 percent of mobile Web users took a vacation via plane in the past three months, or that readers of the and Car & Driver mobile sites are more than twice as likely to have done so.

“We’ve been integrating mobile data with online and TV data since August of last year and we’ll continue to do even more of that,” said Nicholas Covey, director of Insights for Nielsen Mobile, in the report. “Beyond that, our ability to connect mobile consumption to other consumer behavior, such as retail purchases, will help us to continue leading in the mobile measurement space.”

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