Nielsen App Playbook Shows Apple Apps Store Taking the Lead

Another day, another survey report. This time by Nielsen reporting on the results of its survey called App Playbook. Quite surprisingly according to Nielsen, while the myth that application stores tied to specific mobile devices such as the iPhones and BlackBerries are reaping success, applications tied up with mobile carriers are also taking a piece of the total market share for mobile applications. These and other interesting findings are highlighted below.

If you will look at the pie chart above, you’d see that both Verizon Wireless Application Store and AT&T Application Store took significant market share at 15% and 12% respectively. And as expected the Apple Apps Store took the biggest share of the pie with 25%. BlackBerry App World ranks in second with 16%.

How did the Android Marketplace fare up? Pretty good, if I may say so despite the fact that its share was still far behind Apple and BlackBerry at only 4%. This is understandable since there were only eight Android devices released in 2009. The Motorola Droid, one of the most popular and widely used Android phone was released only late last year.

And as January 2010 comes in more Android phone were introduced. So, expect Android’s figures to shoot up in the next survey perhaps, especially since Nielsen’s study showed that the Android Marketplace received the second highest satisfaction rating from users. Obviously, Apple’s Apps Store got the highest rating. BlackBerry App World was rated third in satisfaction level among mobile phone users.