Nielsen: 1 in 5 Without Landlines By 2009

Copper_Wire_Clipart.jpgAccording to a new Nielsen Company study, more than 20 million U.S. households have disconnected their landlines and rely solely on cell phones, RCR Wireless News reports.

That puts the U.S. on target for a rate of 1 in 5 homes without landlines by the end of this year. The report said that most of these customers have lower-level annual incomes (59% have household incomes under $40k), are small households (1 or 2 people), or are moving or changing jobs.

“As wireless network quality improves and unlimited calling becomes increasingly pervasive, we expect the trend toward wireless substitution to continue,” said Alison LeBreton, VP of client services for Nielsen Mobile, in the report. “In a tightening economy every dollar counts, and consumers are more and more comfortable with the idea of ditching their landline connection.”

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