NHL Player Loses TV Gig Because Rape Is Never Funny

Not quite the one-timer this guy was thinking...

dustin penner
PHOTO: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images/AFP

Hockey forward Dustin Penner is generally known as a good guy: when the Washington Capitals traded for him one year ago, he penned a tweet to President Obama asking if he might crash at the White House for a while.

Nice, right?

Penner is known for showcasing some irreverent and astringent humor, specifically via the Twitter. This is probably why TSN (Canada’s version of ESPN) grabbed him for a fill-in TV commentary gig while he was recovering from some back issues.

If only someone at TSN had told him about the envelope you’re not supposed to push because DUH — Today, he’s unemployed and probably will not be skating again soon after deciding to debut his latest series of jokes about rape.

So, what led to the layoff? This:

And this…

On the way to the unemployment line, Penner decided to let everyone know that he was leaving TSN on his terms, because that’s what real men do.

Yeah, OK.