Next Time You Register A Domain Name, You Might Want To Consider .Info

Did you know .info is the fourth most popular domain in the United States? It is, so you better grab it.

I don’t know about you, but every year I drop about $200 over at GoDaddy to renew my domain names. Domains are an expensive business, and if you don’t manage them properly, you can quickly find them eating up your budget and other resources. The trick is to register all the ones you need in one-shot, try to register them for as long as you can (no less than five years), and use a browser plug-in like Honey to find you the best deal. For GoDaddy, in my experience anyway, Honey almost always finds a coupon you can use.

(Not that I’m advocating that you use GoDaddy. There are plenty of services out there, I just don’t have any experience with them.)

When you register, of course you’re going to grab .com, .org, and .net. Those are the most popular and the ones most likely for a squatter or troll to grab if you start generating a lot of attention. But the next time you register your domain names, you might also want to consider grabbing .info too.

According to a post by Nate Friedman, over at the Nate Report, that’s because .info is now the fourth most popular domain name in America. And while I’m not going to advocate you go and grab a .us any time soon, it just might be worth grabbing that .info as well to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.