NewspaperDirect Now Available for Kindle Users

It’s a big week for NewspaperDirect, the international newspaper distributor that makes more than 1,400 titles in 44 languages available digitally. Yesterday, the company announced that it had partnered with Sony to make its content available for the Sony Reader line; today it announced the same support for the Kindle.

Kindle newspaperdirect.gifusers will be able to access NewspaperDirect content by downloading PressReader, the company’s desktop software, though which customers can subscribe to periodicals, download them as Kindle-compatible files, and then drag and drop them onto the Kindle via USB.

This is a significant increase of periodical content formatted for the Kindle, which previously supported only 80 newspapers available through the Kindle store. The Kindle becomes a much more attractive device if digital-savvy customers can buy content for it from vendors other than Amazon.