News Corp PR Head Everett Leaving, Henderson Promoted

News Corp’s SVP of corporate affairs and communications, Teri Everett, will be stepping down on February 10. Julie Henderson will be promoted to SVP of corporate affairs and chief comms officer at that time.

Everett joined the company in 2000 as VP of corp comms, in charge of PR in L.A. In the press release announcing the changes, Everett says, “While it may be a tired cliche, I am ready for something new.” She’s been handling the media relations related to the company’s phone-hacking scandal over the past six months.

The New York Observer reminds us too that Rupert Murdoch is tweeting, which throws a major monkey wrench in the works. [Total aside, what does this tweet mean?]

Henderson will be based in L.A. but splitting her time with New York reporting to president and COO Chase Carey. She’s now head of the interactive division and previously led the digital group at mPRm Public Relations before making the move to News Corp in 2006.

The Fox News PR division was recently in the spotlight after Jim Romenesko surveyed reporters about their relationship with the company’s publicists.