New YouTube Editor Lets You Remix Your Videos Online

YouTube has launched a brand new video editor that allows users to easily remix their own videos and turn them into brand new video creations. The editor, which has a super simple interface, lets users create clips using pieces of their own videos and music from an AudioSwap library of tunes. Read more about the new editor and see a video we made with it after the jump.

The new YouTube Video Editor was announced on the Google Operating System blog yesterday. The post recalled the fact that YouTube launched a more advanced Flash-based video editing system called the YouTube Remixer back in 2007. However, the service was discontinued, as “it was slow and buggy.” This new system is a lot more simplified, but seems to work quite well. I tried it out and created the video below in under 5 minutes.

You can check out the interface in the screenshot below, or if you have a YouTube account you can create a video here. All you have to do is drag your videos from the “My Videos” into the time line at the bottom of the screen. You can then cut your clips by clicking the scissor icon and dragging the bars on the left and right side of each clip. If you want to swap out the music, choose a song from the “Audio” tab and drag it into the audio timeline. Depending on the song that you choose, YouTube may display ads on your video.

I think this new editing feature is fantastic. It is incredibly simple, so if you are planning to create a video with crazy effects then you’ll want to use a traditional desktop editing system. However, if you simply want to mix and match your already existing YouTube clips then this service is great!

What do you think of the new YouTube Video Editor? Feel free to share clips that you’ve edited using the new service.

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