Welcome AllTwitter’s New Contributing Writer, Allison Stadd

AllTwitter is excited to introduce its newest team member: Twitterholic Allison Stadd.

Currently based out of Philadelphia, Allison is a freelance writer and blogger, and the editor of Uwishunu.com, Philadelphia’s official tourism blog. In addition, she works with small business owners on establishing and expanding their social media presence.

Allison started out in traditional journalism and media, a foundation she’s built upon with key experience in digital communications. The impetus behind the transition was when her mother asked her what a “twit” was. She knew it was time to join the professional digital masses and work towards a universal Twitterverse.

Throughout her career so far, Allison has worked at a fashion glossy, an international medical publishing company, an award-winning city magazine and a regional tourism and marketing organization. The unifying force among these workplaces? Social media.

You’ll find her on Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, Foodspotting and, of course, Twitter, where she likes to hold forth about social media and blogging in the form of 140-character sound bites – or else begin a conversation about the meaning behind words or phrases like “sound bites.”

Allison believes that Twitter is both the key to the digital future and ultimately the future itself. She’s excited to write and tweet about why, alongside the talented AllTwitter team.

Please join us in welcoming her!