New Technology to Disable iPhone Camera at Live Shows?

The music industry will never rest. Years ago they made a concerted effort to limit file sharing among music lovers, tacking down Napster and creating a sense of guilt among those who downloaded songs, branding them as pirates. Now, in the era of the smartphone and social network, the music industry is once again trying to limit media.

Will Apple enable camera-scrambling technology?

The latest technology developed to intended to block camera usage on the iPhone at a certain area, with the intention of prohibition concert goers to take photos, and more importantly videos, while attending a live show. An infrared signal is transmitted with a specific range, and it scrambles the iPhone with regards to picture and video.

The patent is pending for this capability, and Apple has yet to comment on the situation.

Naturally, this is has created a lot of questions, comments and concerns. If this patent is approved, would Apple go ahead and enable such technology? If so, how long before someone comes up with the technology to counter such a scramble? More importantly, how would concert goers react to such a ban? Smartphone are ubiquitous at all shows, big and small, with fans taking pictures and videos however far away from the stage there are.

While most artists seem not to care, smaller bands, especially those without a label, clearly benefit from getting on YouTube via fans. Also, who has the final say on whether fans can record a live show? Is it the band, the record label, the music industry on whole, Apple, or the venue?

There was a time when people attended shows and did not have the means nor seemingly the desire to photograph, record, or check in to the event. That is no longer the norm today, whereas once lighters were held up in an awe-inspiring scene, now smartphones are turned on and the electronic glow lights up a room.