Anthony Marcusa

Two Arrested After Sending Racist Tweets to Newcastle Football

Two teenagers have been arrested over racist tweets  they made towards an English footballers as problems with social media and sports connect to rise in England. Samuel Ameobi, an English […]

First ‘Smart Book’ Released to Talk to Your Smartphone-Now What?

As bookstores and the printing industry continue to compete with e-books and e-readers, one publishing company  has come up with an alternative strategy by using new media to their advantage. […]

Mobile Spectator App Expands for New York Marathon

Social media is overtaking one of the world’s most exciting races, as mobile phones and social networks will play major roles in the upcoming New York City Marathon. For this […]

PlayUp Aims to Be Exclusive Social Network for Sports Fans

For most sports fans, watching a game has always and will forever be a social event. NFL Sunday, March Madness, the Olympics, and anything involving the playoffs are much anticipated […]

Twitter Explodes on Baseball’s Most Exciting Regular Season Finale

What I would argue is the greatest asset of twitter is its ability to unite people all around the world who experiencing the same thing at the exact same time. […]

Connecting Student Athletes & Collegiate Coaches with Social Networking

In a clever effort to get a better chance of attracting the best high school athletes from around the United States, college recruiters are turning to a new social network […]

With New Initiative, Phoenix Suns Seek First Ever Social Media Sideline Reporter

Though it certainly seems like most if not all of the 2011 NBA Season will be put on hold, the Phoenix Suns are gearing up for a new social media […]

The Qwikster Redemption: Netflix Tries to Reverse Fortune by Splitting the Company

Amid falling stock prices and rising customer outrage, Netflix has taken a calculated move to better their business and perception by splitting the company into two business, introducing the oddly […]

Online Gamers May Help Create Anti-HIV Drug

As has happened in the past, avid and talented online gamers have been tapped to solve puzzles representing the toughest and most complex of diseases. This time around, the solutions […]

The Everlasting Saga of Dumb Sports Tweets, September Edition

The strangeness of Twitter is that there are so many people who will never learn from those who have made missteps on the medium before them. Athletes continue to use […]