New Social Service Lets You Follow a Sports Team and Get Updates on Cheap Tickets

It seemed only a matter of time before the sports ticket landscape was swept up by social media. It is a consumer market that is sorely reliant on time: it is based around a highly sought after product that is valuable at one moment, only to be completely useless hours later. When a fan is looking for a ticket, whether out of desire or need, there is a very short window for which to buy and sell.

Through their website and network of over500 publisher partners, TiqIQ is the place to find out about real-time information on the ticket market and the forum from which to buy inexpensive and opportune tickets for sporting events whether they are months away or merely in a few hours.

If you are a Phillies fan in need of tickets, follow Phillies Nation through TiqIQ

“We are a ticket aggregator,” explained TiqIQ Founder and CEO Jesse Lawrence from his offices in New York City. “We are also a service through which people can get information and deals on local-area tickets, at any time.”

Followers of TiqIQ select teams and cities that they are most interested in, and they then receive regular updates concerning available tickets. Every major team in North America and Europe has a strong, social fan base—most have Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as blogs. TiqIQ comes in and amasses all the information available to direct it to those in want and need.

There is, however, a key difference between those networks and TiqIQ.

“What has not existed is a way for consumers to get direct updates,” said Lawrence. “We are that push mechanism.”

“Our goal is to keep consumers informed about the average prices and markets.”

While some may be looking for a particular game or night in which to watch an event, other fans will be alerted when a great deal becomes available and may then be more interested in going. TiqIQ allows you to be proactive, but at the same time it is a device that will take care of you as well.

You can follow TiqIQ on Twitter, but it is best to follow one of their groups or simply search Twitter for TiqIQ. Through TiqIQ you can select the blogs and handles of your favorite teams, and through those you will receive information on the tickets you most desire. TiqIQ will find the best deals and available seats, pushing those seamlessly through partners to consumers.

TiqIQ keeps fans in the know about tickets to see their favorite teams

“We see a lot of viral interaction,” said Lawrence. “We’re creating a platform for consumers that if they want to go to a certain game, they subscribe to a certain feed.”

TiqIQ has been around for just over a year with Lawrence leading a team of about 12 out of New York City, but only over the last few months have they been leveraging social media as a way to get to fans. A mobile app is in the works, but for now all one has to do to utilize TiqIQ to the best of its ability is simply Twitter. It is the perfect medium from which to buy and sell such a time-sensitive product.

“Whether on the computer or smartphone, tickets are the perfect product to build an ecosystem around because it is focused in the social world,” concluded Lawrence. “These are items that are exchanged and desired in real time.”