New Smartphone App Brings You Pizza With Just One Tap

Push for Pizza is the most simple pizza-ordering method known to smartphones.

push for pizza

Push for Pizza — it’s a new way for ordering pizza. All you do is tap once inside the app. It’s the most simple pizza-ordering method known to smartphones.

Set up is easy: payment, cheese or pepperoni, your chosen pizza-maker, and then waiting for your pie. It also includes tips for your delivery! This app is perfect for those who don’t like using their digits. Or, perhaps, those who order nothing but pepperoni pizza at 3 a.m.

Push For Pizza was built by five teenagers and one mature adult who love and appreciate pizza. They just didn’t like the process of actually having to call to order the pizza. They also didn’t like the hassle of scrolling through long pages on traditional ordering sites like Grubhub, and Seamless.
They knew what they wanted, and that was to press one button.

Will one-push ordering rise in popularity? How many other food will get its own ordering app? With apps like Yo profiting from short communication, simple user interfaces might be the easiest next target!