New Service Sells Facebook Fans For 10 Cents Per Fan

-Viralee Logo-It was only a matter of time before another company decided to publicly announce the launch of a service which sells Facebook Page fans for next to nothing. That’s exactly what Viralee is doing this evening. We’ve been receiving inquiries from numerous companies which sell fans under the table, but none have been willing to make a public announcement.

The real issue here is that many services may technically violate Facebook terms. Even if they don’t, it’s direct competition to Facebook in one regard which is why this is shaky ground to operate a business on. In the past week alone, Viralee claims that they’ve sold over 1 million fans. That means serious cash is being spent on fans and according to the underground companies we’ve spoken to, brands are flocking to the “pay per fan” model which we’ve written about numerous times.

So how long does it take for Viralee to turnaround fan orders? The company’s founder, Dominic Holland, has provided us with the following numbers:

For 1-100 fans – same day
For 1,000 fans – inside of 5 days
For 10,000 fans – inside of 14 days

And one plan for the corporate guys is 1,000,000 fans which we guarantee within a month

The only other public competitor that we know of currently, USocial, has already received a Cease And Desist letter after reportedly spamming users and gaining unauthorized access to user accounts. Dominic Holland, founder of Viralee, tells us that “We do not take control of any users account at any time. We create a page for the user and market it within and externally to facebook.”

Pricing for fans through Viralee depends on how many you purchase. For 10 fans it’s 50 cents per fans, whereas for 10,000 fans it’s $0.099 cents per fan. It’s unknown whether or not Facebook will try to crack down on pay per fan services as most fans will be untargeted. Facebook in contrast provides homepage engagement ads which can drive a large number of targeted fans. As I wrote yesterday morning, Verizon was able to attract over 100,000 fans in a day from a single homepage advertisement.

While engagement ads are sold on a CPM basis, we’re hearing that the effective cost per fan for homepage engagement ads is anywhere between $5 and $10. Facebook appears to be experiencing growth in brand ad spend though which is why they may allow untargeted marketing services to peacefully coexist. Oh and if you were wondering who Dominic Holland is, he’s the guy that Orabrush acquired the “Kisses” page from in a bidding war with Hershey.