New Seesmic Player Launches, iPhone Version Will Be Killer

Seesmic has released a new version of their player and I have to say that it is pretty amazing. The player has threaded comments and the ability to embed the player elsewhere. This is extremely powerful because it means that the conversation can literally be transported to another site. Take for instance the following conversation started by Duncan Riley at the Inquisitr:

The concept that the conversation can literally be transported anywhere is one step beyond what Disqus is currently offering with their blog comments solution. The idea of video comments makes a lot of sense but I think it makes even more sense on a mobile device. Ultimately when I’m in front of my computer it’s easier for me to type out my messages faster than I say them.

Then again, perhaps that’s why I have a written blog instead of a video blog. While each person has their own preference of video versus text, I think that when traveling, video could be more convenient. For instance, imagine a video conversation being shared with your friends about where you’d like to go for the evening.

Rather than having a threaded text you can have a threaded video conversation and the background of your friends in their videos adds a ton of context to the message. Overall, while I personally not an active video commenter, I think that this new feature is a killer one. I can’t wait for the iPhone version to launch. Do you think the threaded video comments player is useful?

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