New iOS 7 Update Will Introduce Biggest Changes Since Introduction of iPhone

As expected, Tim Cook’s keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference included major changes for the new iPhone iOS 7 – a sleek redesign that is clean and full of Helvetica.

In essence, it looks a lot like Google, Windows, and Yahoo’s latest flat designs that have fully abandoned the 3D realism of skeumorphism in favor of flat interfaces and large readable fonts. The wooden book shelves are finally gone! In addition to iOS’s new layouts with new color palettes and icons, the new iOS will come with an amazing array of new user interfaces as well as great theft protection.

Other notable changes include a new Control Center, Notification Center, Multitasking, Air Drop, Siri, Camera, Safari, Weather, Mailboxes…basically everything. Unfortunately, the update won’t be coming to iPhones until this fall, but you can preview all of them individually at iOS 7’s dedicated website.

I’ll be writing a more indepth analysis later, but here are screenshots of all the changes. What do you think of the new redesign? Is there such a thing as much white space? Let us know in the comments.