New GoWalla Highlights Feature Builds World's Most Social Map

The social location Website and application Gowalla just released the Highlights feature, which lets you label places according to categories like “Date Night” and “Guilty Pleasure.” The feature is supposed to reveal both more about different places and your own personality. There are currently 18 Highlights categories, which Gowalla describes as “little rewards you can give to places that are important in your life.” Highlights is now available on the Gowalla Website, and will be coming soon to the iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry apps.

Gowalla already gave its users the ability to post comments and photos related to locations, and now Highlights is going about setting up an even more interactive social map. When you check in somewhere, you will be able to see if there’s a meaning that one of your friends associates with it. That is, a lot of the Highlights categories are centered around life milestones, like the location of your marriage proposal, your wedding and where you used to go to school.

Interestingly, all of the categories are warm and fuzzy ones — the only label that is remotely a downer is the “Tourist Trap” highlight. The cheesiest category is probably “Take My Breath Away” because “Every now and then we come across places so grand that our lives are changed forever.” Of course, when you click on this category you get predictable answers like the Grand Canyon and the Eiffel Tower. But the ability to click on these categories on the Website is an interesting one, since you can basically use Highlights as reviews for where you should go in a certain city.

Of course, Gowalla plans to expand the list of 18 Highlights in the future. And as these social media Websites often promise, Gowalla says that our user feedback will help them choose which categories to add next.