New Facebook Game Is "The Incredible Machine" For A New Generation

Think you have creativity? Enjoyed playing the Incredible Machine? Play a game that rewards you for being creative!

Create, a game similar to the Incredible Machine, was put out on multiple platforms by Electronic Arts (EA) in the middle of November 2010. The Incredible Machine, as some of you may know, is a series of computer games that were first developed in the early 90s. The object of these games is to arrange a collection of objects to perform a particular task. For example, the gamer may have to use ropes or bowling balls to light a candle.

Gamers are confronted with similar challenges in Create. Unique challenges can be overcome by using objects like different tools, balls, boxes, bumpers and even balloons to get a ball from point A to point B. Each puzzle requires the gamer to use the brain a little bit before proceeding with a solution to the problem.

The Game Agency (TGA), a New York and Los Angeles based marketing company, just recently developed the Create Facebook application. Until now, gamers were only able to play Create on their PC or gaming console.

Create may not seem like a social game, but the game does have social features. Different balls throughout the game have the ability to travel from one Facebook profile to the next. Each ball has an internal tracking device on it, which mean it’s able to keep track where it has been, how far it’s traveled and how many people have played with it. Also, Create has a friends feature that allows the gamer to click the different balls that friends have played with and the details of each ball.