New Apps On The Top in This Week’s Top 20 Emerging Facebook Applications List

This week, the top five emerging apps are all titles that have been released in the last two months according to AppData. For the week ending December 24, older titles have settled into much lower numbers on the list; ones like Youtopia, which placed 15th, eight spots lower than last week.

The emerging list is any Facebook app that has between 100,000 and 1 million monthly active users. It is a way to see potentially big titles on their way up the charts.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Tiki Farm886,461+631,180+71.20
2. Bubble Popp928,859+565,733+60.91
3. 快打之王466,700+309,268+66.27
4. Kingdoms of Camelot556,037+296,099+53.25
5. Ponzi, Inc.949,639+223,218+23.51
6. Wild Ones448,069+156,370+34.90
7. Say Merry Christmas313,105+156,319+49.93
8. Be Naughty!519,159+133,801+25.77
9. Top Fish683,158+126,694+18.55
10. COLLAPSE!687,340+122,349+17.80
11. Happy Habitat396,178+116,436+29.39
12. Ma Fiche795,417+110,128+13.85
13. Happy Pets Community531,166+100,318+18.89
14. Christmas Friends Tree273,593+98,749+36.09
15. Youtopia606,829+97,210+16.02
16. Send a Smile410,010+96,982+23.65
17. I Love Chocolate258,194+96,448+37.35
18. Travel Balloon884,933+86,066+9.73
19. Scene It?161,206+81,679+50.67
20. Free On iTunes251,364+80,362+31.97

Tiki Farm is a brand new game for farming players that want a tropical flair, from Playdom. It came in first this week with 886,000 monthly players and a 71 percent gain over last week — also the highest percentage gain of any title this week. The game was released on December 15th.

Meanwhile, Bubble Popp also made an appearance on this week’s daily active user gainers list. Released in mid-December, Popp is finding a loyal fan-base with a 61 percent gain and  928,000 monthly active players.

快打之王, (“King of Kombat”), is a case of Chinese-language speakers propelling an app up the gainers list. Facebook is banned in China, yet Chinese-language speakers in other countries are finding the app to be one of the more enjoyable games on the Facebook platform. The title has appeared on both our DAU and emerging lists, two weeks in a row, and gained 67 percent this week.

Kingdoms of Camelot raised the most of any returning title on the list. At fourth, the title rose ten spots on the list with a 53 percent gain in players, 296,000 MAU.

Ponzi, Inc. fell the least of any returning game. The title fell three spots for fifth this week but still gained 223,000 new players. Released in November, Ponzi, Inc.’s growth should bump it beyond the emerging list by the end of the month. The title has the highest amount of monthly active players with almost 950,000.

Ma Fiche, a French-Language app meant to help you improve your profile descriptions, stayed at 12th this week and is one of two foreign language apps.

New apps to appear on the top 20 emerging list this month are I Love Chocolate, an older title and a chocolate sending app (17th), Travel Balloon, an app to send a balloon to friends (18th). The Facebook version of Scene It?,(19th) Free On iTunes (20th), an itunes alert app and, strangest of all, Happy Pets Community, the customer support part of Happy Pets.

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