Taylor Hall

How iHeart Reached 29 Million Monthly Active Users on Facebook

Despite heavy competition, iHeart has become the third largest app on Facebook and made developer Mmkay the seventh largest app developer by monthly active users, according to AppData, with 29.5 million […]

Friends Exposed: A Big Facebook Friend Quiz App You May Have Never Heard Of

Friends Exposed has seen some of the fastest growth of any title released in the past two months. It’s now the 20th app on the app leaderboard and has made […]

FarmVille Gifting App Number One on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging Facebook Games

The top 20 emerging games this week look to be made up mostly of classically defined games. In first, however, is FarmVille add-on and gift creator, FarmVille Gift Sender, which […]

Foreign Apps and Valentines on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging List

New applications from around the globe and a non-Zynga attempt at a Farmville gifting app brings in players on this week’s top 20 emerging list for the week ending January 7. The […]

Purchases of iPhone, iPod Touch Give Facebook Mobile App a Boost

For the week ending December 29, Facebook for iPhone saw its daily active user (DAU) count jump by 11 percent, or around 1.28 million people according to AppData. Beginning on […]

Older Titles Top This Week’s List of Facebook Apps That Gained The Most Monthly Active Users

2010 starts with a couple notable New Years applicationss bringing in users, but the majority of the top 20 gaining monthly active user (MAU) list is a mix of solid […]

Existing Apps Stay Big on Our First Weekly Top 20 Facebook Games List of 2010

Last month’s big titles continue to rise up on this week’s list of the top growing Facebook games as we enter the new year — not most of the Christmas […]

New Genres Make Year-End Appearances on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging Social Games List

2010 is showing shows its promise for gaming success on Facebook according to our AppData numbers for the week ending December 31. Top Gainers This Week – Games Name MAU Gain Gain, […]

The New Year Helps Facebook Apps on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging List

A mix of old and new apps start out the new year for the first emerging applications list of 2010. Meanwhile, some month-long charting apps graduate past the emerging list […]

A Return to Old Habits on This Week’s List of the Facebook Games that Gained the Most Daily Active Users

Old and new games hit the top 20 daily active user list this week with the number one position being taken by Pillow Fight, a new app released this month. […]